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Rachel-chanís Greenwood Fanfic

Chapter One: An evil villain, or just a failure?

Mitsuru stepped happily into his dorm room, noticing absently that Shinobu had taken the desk, again. He had long since resigned himself to doing homework at the table in the middle of the room. "Hey," he said casually, already in the process of changing into his regular clothes.

Shinobu looked up from his notebook, where he was doing some sort of calculation that didnít look like homework. "Youíre home late. You usually canít wait to get out of uniform."

Mitsuru tried to shrug, but had his shirt halfway off so it wasnít too effective. "I stayed late talking to my English teacher. He wants me to tutor some of the people in my class. I need to get back to the school as soon as I change and get some food. I said Iíd meet Hiroku at the library in ten minutes."

Shinobuís expression changed from amused to slightly hostile. "Hiroku Tanaka? The one who ran against me for Student Council President?"

Mitsuru winced. He knew he shouldnít have mentioned the name. "Yeah. Apparently he only got 37 out of 100 on the last quiz, and the teacherís worried about him. I would have refused, but I had already agreed to tutor three other people, and couldnít think of a good reason not to take one more."

"Well, Iím sure he could use the help. How is he?"

Mitsuru looked a bit nervous. "Not bad, I guess. I didnít talk to him much." He paused for a moment, then asked, "You arenít still mad at him are you? I mean, it was more than a year ago, and you got more than 80 percent of the votes anyway. He didnít have a chance."

Shinobu smiled. "Of course not. Iím not one to hold a grudge. His attempt to sabotage me was childish at best. I wonít hold his foolishness against him."

Mitsuru wasnít convinced, but decided not to worry about it too much. "Thatís good. I had better get going. I guess Iíll see you at dinner."

"See you then." As soon as the door shut behind his roommate, Shinobuís smile melted from his face. This did not bode well. Mitsuru was far too trusting. Hiroku could have all kind of devious plans behind this meeting. Shinobu thought about following his friend, but decided against it. It was Mitsuruís own fault if anything happened to him. He could hang out with that treacherous failure if he wanted to. With a rather sour expression Shinobu returned to his calculations.

Mitsuru stared coldly across the table in the library, a pencil in one hand, a rolled up magazine in the other. He was no easier on his peers than he was on underclassmen. Well, not much easier. Hiroku was struggling through a list of spelling words.

"ídeterminedí: d...i" Whack. Hiroku winced and started again. "d... e...t...u" Whack. "Can we take a break? Weíve been doing this for over an hour."

"And you still canít get this right. Weíll stop for five minutes, and then you have to practice some more."

"Thank you." He looked relieved for a moment, then irritated. "Do you have any idea how humiliating it is to get hit with that thing?"

Mitsuru smiled cruelly. "Doesnít it make you try harder?"

"I suppose." Hiroku tried to look friendly. "I really appreciate you helping me out. I couldnít bear to fail this class. Maybe I could make it up to you sometime."

Mitsuru seemed a bit confused. "Thatís alright. I tutor people all the time, itís no big deal."

"No," Hiroku said smilingly, "it is a big deal to me. You were willing to do this for me, even with what happened last year. I thought you and Shinobu would never forgive me, but you didnít even mention it. I hope Shinobu is as forgiving as you are."

"Shinobu has more to forgive you for. After all, you didnít really do that much to me. Besides, I promised the teacher I would help whoever needed it."

"I know, but it still means a lot to me." He was looking at Mitsuru almost adoringly. Mitsuru looked quite uncomfortable.

"Well, we had better get back to work." He picked up the magazine again, and began to look more at ease. "Alright, spell Ďnegotiateí"

The sound of the magazine slamming into the studentís head echoed throughout the library intermittently for another two hours. By the end, Mitsuruís arm was very tired.